Software to prevent RSI injuries

Repeated Pressure Trauma (RSI) can be defined as an unpleasant issue connected to conducting a repetitive action for too long intervals. Should your work depends on that you just sit all day in a laptop or computer -like mine- it is vital that you try to get occasional breaks to perform some stretches exercise routines.

workdesk-exercise routines-for-recurring-anxiety-injury

But you can find days and nights that I’m from the region, you already know? I take a moment to operate and instantly is lunch efforts and I have invested three hours direct without looking up. That’s a dish for pain. I need some type of memory to improve my position, expand, stand, go to the bathroom, etc.

The good news is, there’s software program for that!

I personally use a time out clock, an application that is constantly operating in the background tells you every now and then to take a rest. I have located on for Mac pc and another for PC:



For Computer there’s Workrave ( When it’s time for a split, a popup windows seems asking you to have a break. It immediately disappears when you always keep operating. However, if you ignore it too often, it will get more adamant and pops up a break windows that may be set up to fully prohibit your pc throughout the split.


Time Out

For Mac there’s Time Out ( Every once in awhile it fades your monitor to grey and displays a clock reminding you to take a mini-break for a couple mere seconds, or even a whole, longer split.

Both apps are configurable as well as the time in between splits and micro-pauses might be adjusted in your tastes or working habits.

A constant occasional reminder that you need to have a break could get definitely bothersome truly quick. It will take a little bit to get used to, but it really surely surpasses being killed through your laptop or computer!


I’ve also looked into purchasing a standing up desk. The categorial overview of ranking workstations reaches The Wirecutter. But you might not would like to make investments $500-$1000 on the work desk, so there are 2 other, less costly alternatives:

The $22 IKEA do-it-your self standing workplace it is a fantastic alternative to experience a standing upright desk instead of being forced to build it with drink containers.

Varidesk is situated upon your current desk and transforms it in a totally changeable standing up workdesk. Some colleagues get it at your workplace and it’s not gimmicky. It’s fairly awesome basically.

RSI injuries like epikondylitis (τραυματισμος επικονδυλιτιδα) , waist pains (απαραιτητη ζωνη μεσησ) or may prescribe compression socks (κάλτσες διαβαθμισμένης συμπίεσησ)